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Dunville’s Whiskey exclusive for James J. Fox, Dublin

Dunville’s Irish Whiskey is collaborating with James J. Fox, Grafton Street, Dublin, on an exclusive single cask bottling.

Cask 1206 was selected by James J. Fox Managing Director, Yiorgos Manesis, from among the finest casks in the Dunville’s warehouses, and approved by Eclinville’s Graeme Millar.

This 20 Year Old Single Malt Whiskey has been finished in a single Palo Cortado Sherry cask for 3 years and 9 months. It is bottled at cask strength 54.1% abv and limited to just 323 bottles. It is available exclusively from James J. Fox Dublin priced €320 (€288 for a limited time).

Dunville’s Exclusive Single Cask Series

Dunville’s Cask 1206 is the latest release from Dunville’s Exclusive Single Cask Series – a portfolio of bespoke bottlings by for selected retailers, hospitality venues and key trade partners. It showcases the best whiskeys from the Dunville’s Whiskey warehouses, with each bottled at its optimum strength for the best possible quality and flavour.

Jarlath Watson from Dunville’s Irish Whiskey said: “We are delighted to collaborate with James J. Fox on this exclusive single cask bottling. Cask 1206 perfectly encompasses the Dunville’s Irish Whiskey ethos of exceptional whiskey without compromise. It is a worthy addition to the Exclusive Single Cask Series and to the portfolio of one of Ireland’s most prestigious whiskey stores.”

Robert Fox, Chairman of James J. Fox, representing the fifth generation of his family to trade from this celebrated cigar and whiskey store, said: “It’s brilliant to be involved in the Irish Whiskey market at the moment. It’s in the middle of an extraordinary phase of evolution, with the selection of different whiskies being released increasing every year. It’s so exciting and so much fun to explore different casks and how they taste. Our single cask offering is a really important element of our whiskey portfolio, so we’re very grateful to the team in Echlinville for our collaboration. I think the whiskey is spectacular”.

Yiorgos Manesis, James J. Fox Managing Director, said: “It is an honour and a great pleasure to be given the opportunity to work with distilleries and whiskey bonders and choose some amazing whiskeys for our customers. We are very proud of these collaborations, and we are very excited about this Dunville’s 20 Year Old Single Cask release.”

James J. Fox, Dublin

James J. Fox have traded on 119 Grafton Street for five generations of the Fox Family since 1881. For 140 years, James J. Fox have been offering, to enthusiasts from Ireland and around the world, a range of the world’s most premium cigars and whiskeys through their iconic, now newly renovated store.

Tasting Notes

Appearance – Rich Amber

Nose – Initial notes of tropical fruits, dried mango, and apricots in syrup yield to richer darker fruits as the nose opens up. Stewed plums, dusted raisins and dried figs, laced with nutmeg, cinnamon and clove. Then comes the show stoppers, sweet rolling tobacco, the old nostalgic kind, vintage leather furniture, and aged sherry, all held in splendid orchestra by the old musty dunnage oak.

Palate – Full bodied, waxy, oily, eloquent and luscious. This coats the mouth and doesn’t let go. An abundance of stewed fruits, dark stone fruits, over ripe plum skins, dark chocolate with a hint of chili. And then the nuts, roasted almonds, spiced banana bread laced with roasted hazelnuts, panettone bread and butter pudding, more figs, dates, and clove. And that elegant grace note of candied orange zest keeping those Christmas cake spices and wonderfully restrained wood tannins exquisitely balanced.

Finish – A hint of medium roast coffee beans turns to a light, warm tiramisu, and a whisper of hazelnut coffee cake. Then the quality of that Palo Cortado sherry cask really starts to dominate. Chocolate orange, light and dark stone fruits, sublime sweet tobacco and warming winter spices all held in perfect harmony by wonderful cedar and oak wood spice. And still that sweet tobacco.

Available from 1pm on Friday 1st October 2021 through James J. Fox, Grafton Street, Dublin and instore and online for €320 (€288 for a limited time).

*Please note this release is not available to purchase directly from Dunville’s Irish Whiskey or The Echlinville Distillery.

Weavers Gin bottle shortlisted for design award

We are delighted to announce that our Weavers Gin bottle has been shortlisted for the UK Packaging Awards 2021.

If you have ever seen this beautiful blue bottle, this news may not come as a surprise. We might be biased, but we do think it is one of the most beautiful gin bottles out there. It seems the people at the UK Packaging Awards agree.

With the gin market booming, there is an ever-increasing number of gins competing for space and attention on back bars and retailers’ shelves. When it comes to attracting potential customers, the design of the bottle can be just as important as the liquid inside. But when you browse the gin offerings in your favourite cocktail bar or local off sales, have you ever wondered about the story behind the bottle?

The story behind the bottle

Weavers Gin is inspired by the linen industry in Ulster and Ireland as a whole. For more than three centuries, linen was Ireland’s most important industry. Belfast, in particular, was a huge centre for linen production. In fact, it was Belfast’s biggest industry – bigger than ship building or whiskey.

From the botanicals used in distillation, to the bespoke glass design and the label on the bottle, Weavers Gin is a celebration of that proud linen heritage.

Irish linen

Irish linen was famous around the world. It adorned the tables of royalty, graced the dressing rooms of the rich and famous. It even coated the wings of the first airplanes or ‘bi-planes’ and helped some of the first aviators take to the skies, including the Royal Flying Corps in World War One.

Linen production was spread across the whole country, from the cities to the most rural parts of Ireland. While the towns were home to scores of linen mills and factories, the countryside would have been filled with flax fields growing the raw materials for the industry. Bleaching greens were also a common sight, where huge sheets of newly woven linen were laid out in the fields to lighten dry in the summer sun.

Weavers Irish Gin is crafted in honour of the thousands of men and women who laboured in the linen mills and toiled in the flax fields to make Irish linen the envy of the world. Infused with Irish flax seeds for extra smoothness, Weavers Gin is as crisp, cool and clean as the linen it is inspired by.

Bottle colour

This isn’t just another blue gin bottle. The Weavers bottle is flax flower blue. Flax is the raw material for the linen industry. Back in Ireland’s linen heyday, the countryside would have been blue with the colour of the flax flowers blooming in the fields. That pure, gentle blue is captured beautifully in the blue hue of the glass used to make the Weavers Gin bottle.

Bottle design

The first thing you may notice when you pick up a bottle of Weavers Gin (apart from how beautiful it is), is that it is quite heavy. This immediately gives the impression of a premium, quality product. We wanted the bottle to look and feel strong. The size, shape and weight of the bottle reflect the strength and stature of the linen industry, which was once the biggest industry in Ulster – bigger than ship building or whiskey, for which Ulster and Belfast are perhaps most famous.

The bespoke bottle design incorporates a few nods to Ireland’s linen industry. In particular, the vertical lines that decorate the Weavers Gin bottle are reminiscent of the rows of flax plants that would have grown in fields up and down the country. Flax is a ‘row crop’, planted in straight lines, and so we have incorporated this into the bottle design.

The words ‘Excellence Instilled’ can be found at the bottom of the Weavers Gin bottle. It is a trademark of The Echlinville Distillery and reflects our ethos of pursuing excellence at every stage of the production process, from field to glass.

The label

The colours in the label are primarily blue, to reflect the flax flowers and linen production’s agricultural roots, and silver to reflect the industrial element of linen production and the technology used in the mills and factories around Ireland. Indeed, at the top of the label we have placed a blue flax flower within the silver cogs of industry.

The Weavers Gin label is beautifully intricate to reflect the craftsmanship and craftswomanship involved in fine linen production. The decorative swirls on the outer four corners of the label is a reproduction of the damask design on the linen tablecloths on the Titanic.

So that is the story of Weavers Gin. The stunning liquid and beautiful bottle – both as crisp, cool and clean as the linen they are inspired by.

Our thanks to our colleagues at Stoelzle Glass Group, Mark Thompson Design and Reflex Labels for helping us create this stunning bottle.

Dunville’s exclusive single cask for Celtic Whiskey Shop

Dunville’s Irish Whiskey is producing a series of bespoke single cask bottlings for key partners in the hospitality trade.

Exclusive Single Cask Series

The latest release from our Exclusive Single Cask Series is bottled for Celtic Whiskey Shop Dublin. Cask 1636 was selected by Celtic Whiskey Shop Managing Director and Owner Ally Alpine from among the finest casks in Dunville’s warehouses and approved by Graeme Millar from Echlinville, proud custodians of Dunville’s Irish Whiskey.

Medeira Cask Finish Whiskey

This 19 Year Old Single Malt is finished in a Madeira Cask and is the first Madeira Cask Finish whiskey in the Dunville’s portfolio. It is bottled at cask strength 53.2% abv and limited to just 298 bottles. It will be available exclusively from Celtic Whiskey Shop at 1pm on Thursday 26 August 2021 priced €299.

This is the Third edition in a series of bespoke bottlings by Dunville’s Irish Whiskey for selected retailers, hospitality venues and key trade partners.

Tasting Notes

Appearance – Amber with a tint of Rose Gold.

Nose – Full and complex, yet light and floral. Initial notes of orange syrup develop into ripe orange peel, butter toffee, and the toffee from sweet toffee popcorn, lightly toasted walnuts, a hint of candied lemon zest.

Palate – Freshly made sweet popcorn opens up to walnuts, hazelnuts in syrup, burnt caramel, and a light kiss of iced caramel vanilla latte. The summer fruits are there in abundance, cara cara oranges, Sicilian lemons, over ripe apricots, stewed peaches, think summer fruit salad served with vanilla ice cream and toffee sauce. Thick, oily, syrupy and complex, this fills your mouth and doesn’t let go.

Finish – Warm orange and apple strudel, spiced with nutmeg and cinnamon, dipped in toasted nuts and served with a vanilla crème anglaise, garnished with a solitary freshly picked mint leaf. Medium to long, finally giving way in a drying finale of clean malt, fine oak and dried citrus fruits.

To purchase Cask 1636 visit Celtic Whiskey Shop or call 0035316759744

Dunville’s Whiskey continues historic partnership with Distillery FC

Dunville’s Irish Whiskey has been announced at a 2021/22 sponsor for Lisburn Distillery Football Club.

This is the sixth season that Dunville’s has sponsored the team, after The Echlinville Distillery rekindled a historic relationship between Dunville’s Whiskey and Distillery FC.

Shane Braniff said: “We are delighted to continue to support Lisburn Distillery Football Club in the 2021/22 season. As proud custodians of the Dunville’s Irish Whiskey, we are proud to continue the relationship between Dunville’s and Distillery FC – a relationship that dates back to the club’s foundation 140 years ago by Dunville’s Whiskey employees.

“As we look forward to expanding the Dunville’s portfolio over the coming months, the season ahead is looking bright for Dunville’s Whiskey and, we hope too, for Lisburn Distillery FC. We wish everyone at the club the best of luck in the season ahead.”

Lisburn Distillery director Terry Thompson said: “I am delighted that a truly unique historical link carries on today and for the season ahead. Last year I wrote that Echlinville and Dunville’s would go on to win more awards and a  huge ‘Well Done’ to everyone on their recent successes and awards in California and Tokyo.

“We have all been very pleased, appreciative, and genuinely proud to have Dunvile’s Whiskey as our back-of-shirt sponsor. I am very pleased again on behalf of everyone here at the club to sincerely thank owner Shane Braniff and the team at Echlinville for their backing for the season ahead. It’s great that The Spirit of Belfast is very much with us.”

Ballot for Dunville’s PX Cask Strength 1330

The remaining bottles of the Belfast Whiskey Week Festival Bottling of Dunville’s PX Cask Strength Irish Whiskey Cask 1330 will be allocated by ballot.

Anyone who had signed up for Belfast Whiskey Week should by now have received an email from the Belfast Whiskey Week team with details of how to enter the ballot. Please check your inbox and junk mail folders for the email. If you haven’t received it, please contact us or email

Only those who had subscribed to the festival will be eligible to enter.

You must enter the ballot before 5pm Friday 20 August for an opportunity to secure a bottle. The ballot will take place on Monday 23 August and successful applicants will be contacted.

Thank you to all our customers for your patience while we have worked to decide how best to move forward with this release. We appreciate your continued support for The Spirit of Belfast.

Echlinville welcomes Belfast Whiskey Week

The Echlinville Distillery has been celebrating County Down’s proud whiskey heritage by showcasing some of the areas most famous spirits during Belfast Whiskey Week. The final day of the festival will see series of events broadcast live from Echlinville to a global online audience tomorrow (Saturday 31 July).

Echlinville is a key partner in the week long programme of events showcasing the best of Irish and world whiskey. The highlights of Saturday’s programme include a tasting of the core range of Dunville’s Irish Whiskeys. There will also be an exclusive tasting of as yet unreleased casks from our warehouse, including new age statements and cask finishes.

The Spirit of Belfast

As custodians of Dunville’s Irish Whiskey, the official Spirit of Belfast, we have a particularly close association with Belfast Whiskey Week. We are delighted to welcome the festival’s online audience to our distillery for the final day of the festival.

Belfast was once at the heart of Ireland’s whiskey industry, so Belfast Whiskey Week is bringing the focus of the Irish whiskey community back to a city whose association with the spirit has been somewhat forgotten over the years.

By the end of the 19th century, Ireland was producing around 14 million gallons of whiskey per year. A disproportionate amount of that was distilled in Belfast, and much of that by Dunville’s. From street names to landmark buildings, Dunville’s legacy can be found throughout Belfast. This is our whiskey and our city, so we are proud to celebrate Belfast Whiskey Week by showcasing The Spirit of Belfast to whiskey enthusiasts around the world.

County Down Whiskeys

Belfast and County Down played a huge role in Ireland’s proud whiskey heritage. Two of Co. Down’s most famous whiskeys were Old Comber and Newry based Matt D’Arcys – both of which sadly fell victim to the collapse of the Irish whiskey industry. Both brands were recently revived by Echlinville, bringing three of Ireland’s most historic ‘lost’ whiskeys together under one roof.

Alongside Dunville’s, Old Comber Pot Still Whiskey and Matt D’Arcy Whiskey feature in the Belfast Whiskey Week Bonus Tasting Box.

Irish Whiskey Revival

Old brands like Dunville’s, Matt D’Arcy and Old Comber are hugely important to Ireland’s whiskey heritage. Throughout the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries they built an industry that was the envy of the world. Now their revival is playing an important role in the resurgence of that industry. Belfast Whiskey Week provides the perfect platform to share these whiskeys and their story with audiences around the world.

Together with events like Belfast Whiskey Week, all of us at Echlinville look forward to putting Belfast and Co. Down area back on the world whiskey map.

Belfast Whiskey Week at Echlinville

The following tasting will be broadcast live from The Echlinville Distillery on Saturday 31 July 2021. Events can be viewed online via Belfast Whiskey Week by anyone who has purchased a Festival Pass. For more information on how to access events email

2.00pm Highland Whisky

4.00pm Dunville’s Irish Whiskey Core Range

6.15pm Pre-1970 Irish Whiskey

8.30pm Echlinville Distillery Warehouse Tasting

Dunville’s PX Cask Strength release for Belfast Whiskey Week

Dunville’s Irish Whiskey is celebrating Belfast Whiskey Week with the launch of a special festival bottling of PX Cask Strength Whiskey.

The Single Cask bottling is available exclusively to those with a Belfast Whiskey Week Festival Pass.

Dunville’s PX 12 Year Old Cask Strength Single Malt Irish Whiskey Cask 1330 was named Best Irish Single Cask Single Malt at this year’s World Whiskey Awards. Finished in Dunville’s signature Pedro Ximénez sherry casks, it is bottled at 57.2% abv.

This limited release of 352 bottles will be available exclusively to Belfast Whiskey Week Festival Pass holders. It will be on sale from The Echlinville Distillery online shop at 4pm on Monday 26 July 2021 priced £125 (link will go live then).

How to purchase

– This release can only be purchased with a Belfast Whiskey Week Festival Pass code.

– For your chance to purchase this Single Cask bottling you should click here to purchase a Belfast Whiskey Week Festival Pass from as little as £6.

– Anyone who purchases a pass will be sent an email from Belfast Whiskey Week confirming their Pass purchase.

– You will then receive a second email from Belfast Whiskey Week with your Dunville’s Cask 1330 purchase code, which you must use at checkout when purchasing this whiskey.

– If you have already signed up to a festival pass or tasting there is no need to purchase an additional pass. Belfast Whiskey Week will send you an email with your purchase code.

– Sales will go live at on The Echlinville Distillery Online Shop at 4pm on Monday 26 July (link will go live at that time).

Please Note: Purchases will be limited to one bottle per customer. Bottles will be allocated on a first come first served basis. We can not guarantee that everyone who purchases a Festival Pass will secure a bottle.

Belfast Whiskey Week

Cask 1330 will feature in the Festival Bottlings Masterclass at Belfast Whiskey Week (Monday 26 July). Ireland’s largest whiskey festival features more than 90 whiskey tastings alongside a week long programme of entertainment livestreamed to audiences around the world

Jarlath Watson from Dunville’s Irish Whiskey said: “As the original Spirit of Belfast, Dunville’s is proud to be a key partner in Belfast Whiskey Week. Cask 1330 has been specially bottled for the festival. Named Ireland’s Best Single Cask at the World Whiskey Awards, it represents all that is great about our city and our whiskey.

“Cask 1330 is the latest release from the Dunville’s Single Cask Series which showcases the very best casks from our warehouses. PX Cask Strength is now a firm fixture in the Single Cask Series and has become synonymous with exceptional quality and that exquisitely intense sherry bomb flavour that Dunville’s customers know and love.

“The Echlinville Distillery has proudly supported Belfast Whiskey Week since it began in 2019, so when this particular cask was awarded Ireland’s Best Single Cask Whiskey, we decided it would be the ideal Exclusive Special Festival Bottling for Belfast Whiskey Week.”

Cask 1330 is one of a number of whiskeys from Dunville’s and The Echlinville Distillery to feature in this year’s Belfast Whiskey Week, which sees the Irish whiskey community come together like never before for an online celebration of Irish and world whiskeys. The festival programme also features tastings of current and as yet unreleased whiskeys from Dunville’s warehouses, which will be broadcast live from The Echlinville Distillery on Saturday 31 July.

The Spirit of Belfast

Jarlath continued: “Belfast was once at the heart of Ireland’s whiskey industry, so it’s fitting that Belfast Whiskey Week should bring focus back to a city whose association with the spirit has been somewhat forgotten over the years.

“By the end of the 19th century, Ireland was producing around 14 million gallons of whiskey per year. A disproportionate amount of that was distilled in Belfast, and much of that by Dunville’s. Dunville’s employed hundreds of people, constructed housing for their workers on the aptly named Excise Street, Distillery Street and Dunville Street, built Belfast’s first public park – Dunville Park on the Falls Road – and even founded a football club, Distillery FC, which we are proud to still have links with today.

“Dunville’s legacy can be found throughout Belfast. This is our whiskey and our city, so we are proud to celebrate Belfast Whiskey Week by unveiling the latest release from our Single Cask Series, which showcases the very best whiskeys from the Dunville’s warehouse, with each release helping put this city and its spirit firmly back on the world whiskey map.”

Dunville’s PX Cask Strength 12 Year Old Irish Whiskey Cask 1330 will be available exclusively to customers with a Belfast Whiskey Week Festival Passfrom on Monday 26 July 2021 priced £125. Purchases will be limited to one bottle per customer.

Dunville’s Exclusive Single Cask for Carry Out Killarney

Dunville’s Irish Whiskey is collaborating with key partners within the trade to produce a series of bespoke single cask bottlings.

The latest release from the Exclusive Single Cask Series has been bottled for Carry Out Killarney. Cask 1699 was selected by Carry Out owner John Fleming from among the finest casks in the Dunville’s warehouses, and approved by Graeme Millar from The Echlinville Distillery, proud custodians of Dunville’s Irish Whiskey.

This 14 Year Old Single Malt is finished in Pedro Ximénez Sherry Cask, bottled at cask strength 57.7% abv and limited to just 337 bottles. It will be available exclusively from Carry Out Killarney at 11am on Saturday 10 July 2021 priced €185. Each customer will also receive a limited edition Glencairn whiskey tasting glass, specially commissioned to accompany this single cask release.

This bottling for Carry Out Killarney follows The Palace Bar’s 20 Year Old Oloroso Sherry Cask Finish release and is the second in a series of bespoke bottlings by Dunville’s Irish Whiskey for selected retailers, hospitality venues and key trade partners.

To purchase Cask 1699 visit or call 00353 (0) 646622588.

*Please note this release will not be available from Dunville’s Irish Whiskey or The Echlinville Distillery.

Job Opportunity for Executive Assistant

We are searching for an Executive Assistant to join our busy team. Applicants should send their CV to before 5pm on Wednesday 21 July 2021.

Duties Include

Dealing with correspondence, emails and phone calls.

Diary management.

Organising meetings and appointment.

Arranging and booking travel, transport and accommodation.

Typing, preparing documents, presentations and correspondence.

Keeping minutes of meetings.

Filing and document management.

Liaising with staff, suppliers, customers and other business partners.

Assisting with the organisation of events.

Arranging catering and hospitality for meetings.

Miscellaneous tasks as required.

Person Specification

Executive Assistant experience preferred / essential.

Confident and assertive individual, good sense of humour.

Organised and efficient, able to multi-task.

Happy to take on an array of tasks.

Discretion and trustworthiness.

Flexibility and adaptability.

Excellent oral and written communication skills.

Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office.

Tact and diplomacy.

Full driving licence and access to a vehicle.

Additional Information

Location – Kircubbin, Co. Down

Part-time initially

Salary based on experience

To apply please send your CV to by Wednesday 21st July 2021 at 5pm. The Echlinville Distillery is an equal opportunities employer.

A Strangford Lough Staycation

The Echlinville Distillery is located on the Ards Peninsula near the shores of Strangford Lough. We consider ourselves very lucky to call this place home. With stunning landscapes, fabulous food and lots to do for all the family, it’s the perfect place for a Northern Ireland staycation.

What can you expect from a visit to Strangford Lough?

In this part of the world, we take pride in taking it slow. From pace of life, to food and entertainment, we find strength in simplicity. Away from the crowds, Strangford Lough is the perfect place to relax, unwind and leave your stresses behind.

Just 30 minutes from Belfast and 90 minutes from Dublin, you will find water teeming with wildlife, hills piled high with 9,000 years of history, holy wells and ancient abbeys. Strangford Lough is an internationally recognised Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Area of Special Scientific Interest. One of the most richly bio-diverse regions in Europe, it’s no wonder there’s an unmistakable tranquility to the place we call home.

Visitor Experiences

Here are just some of the amazing visitor experiences on offer on and around Strangford Lough and the Ards Peninsula.

  • Spend the day kayaking on Strangford Lough with Mobile Team Adventure before stopping off on one of the lough’s hundreds of islands to cook and enjoy some freshly caught mussels.
  • Bake your own traditional Northern Ireland breads on the griddle in a 17th century farmhouse at Tracey’s Farmhouse Kitchen.
  • Discover our unique landscape, heritage and people on a guided walking tour with Sustainable Journey’s Ireland.
  • Pour the perfect pint of Guinness, learn a cúpla focal in the Irish language or try Irish dancing at Denvir’s of Downpatrick.
  • Enjoy an underwater adventure, meet the crocodile, penguins, otters and more at Exploris, Northern Ireland’s only aquarium. Feed the rescued seals at the Seal Sanctuary and even help release one back in to the wild .
  • Discover the best local sights and artisan food and drink producers on the Strangford Lough Tasting Tour with Indie Fude.
  • From architecture to the United Irishmen, discover the timeline of the Ards Peninsula or enjoy a concert or comedy gig at The Portico.
  • Escape the stress of daily life and try your hand at bushcraft, forraging and wild cooking at the beautiful Finnebrogue Woods.  
  • Enjoy seasonal local produce, a friendly welcome and a room with a view to enjoy sunset over Strangford Lough at the Portaferry Hotel.
  • Get up close to Ireland’s largest collection of native and exotic water birds, ducks and geese at Castle Espie.
  • Enjoy an exquisite dining experience at the home of the Game of Thrones door at The Cuan.
  • Walk through the ruins of a 12th century Cistercian Abbey, the only Abbey in Ireland founded by a woman and the first example of Gothic architecture on the island, at Grey Abbey.
  • Immerse yourself in the legacy of Saint Patrick, Ireland’s Patron Saint, at The Saint Patrick Centre in Downpatrick.

And remember to pay us a visit at The Echlinville Distillery. Enjoy our distillery Tour & Tipple or visit our distillery shop.