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Founded in 1808 and originally produced at the Royal Irish Distilleries in Belfast, Dunville’s was was among the world’s most famous whiskey brands until the distillery fell silent in 1936. For almost 80 long years, the only place to buy a bottle of Dunville’s was at auction. Even that was a rare find. But now, The Spirit of Belfast is back and it is more beautiful than ever.

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Dunvilles bottle
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The Spirit of Belfast

Dunville's 1808 Blended Irish Whiskey Bottle

A modern blend of malt, grain and pot still whiskeys. Enjoy it neat or mixed. Tradition with a twist.

Dunville's Three Crowns Irish Blended Whiskey bottle

A premium vintage blend of superior aged whiskeys finished in three of the finest sherry casks.

Dunville's Three Crowns Peated Irish Whiskey bottle

A peated vintage blend of selected aged malt and grain whiskeys with a subtle wisp of smoke.

Dunville's PX 12 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey bottle

The return of an icon. A premium single malt whiskey worthy of its ancestral past.

“When we revived Dunville's we did so with a promise to restore The Spirit of Belfast to its rightful place among the premier whiskeys of the world.”

Shane Braniff, Proud Custodian of Dunville’s Irish Whiskey

Core Range

Return Of An Icon

Dunville Whiskey is known and respected by whiskey enthusiasts around the world. Our Single Malt and Vintage Blend bottlings have won more than 30 global awards and accolades, reaffirming Dunville’s place among the world’s best whiskeys. The Spirit of Belfast is synonymous with premium quality and exceptional flavour. This is whiskey without compromise.

Dunville’s core range features the iconic Dunville’s PX 12 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey, Dunville’s Three Crowns Vintage Blend and Dunville’s Three Crowns Peated – one of only a small handful of peated Irish whiskeys.

Now we are proud to introduce Dunville’s 1808 – a modern blend of pot still, malt and grain whiskeys. Confident, uncompromising and full of character, like the city of its birth. Drink it the traditional way – neat or in the company of a pint – or pair with ginger ale and a slice of lime for tradition with a twist.

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Dunville's Irish Whiskey bottles with presentation tubes

Limited Edition

Single Cask Series

The Single Cask Series showcases the best whiskeys from the Dunville’s warehouses, with each bottled at its optimum strength for the best possible quality and flavour.

Each limited edition release represents another important step on our journey towards restoring The Spirit of Belfast to its rightful place among the world’s best whiskeys.

Exceptional whiskey without compromise.

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Exquisite Mixology

Cocktails Made Easy

Tradition With A Twist

Dunville’s 1808 and Ginger

Enjoy Dunville’s 1808 Blended Irish Whiskey with premium ginger ale over lots of ice and garnish with a slice of lime. Ginger ale was invented in Belfast, so it is a perfect pairing for a whiskey that is, at its heart, Belfast and proud.