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Echlinville The Beginning

ABV: 50% | 50CL

The inaugural release of Single Estate Single Pot Still and Single Malt Whiskeys crafted from field to glass at Ireland’s first farm distillery.

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Echlinville The Beginning bottle

“Our whiskey speaks of the land from which it originates and the people who bring it to life. A whiskey built on character, provenance, community, tradition, time and, above all, authenticity.”

Shane Braniff

The Echlinville Distillery

The Echlinville Distillery

Single Estate Whiskey

For the past decade, we have been on a journey to create a whiskey that is rooted in our home on the Ards Peninsula in County Down on the north eastern corner of Ireland.

In a first for Irish whiskey, Echlinville – The Beginning is not only distilled exclusively from barley grown, harvested and floor malted on our distillery farm, but every step of the process thereafter has been completed on site at our family-run distillery.

We sow, we grow, we harvest, we malt, we mash, we ferment, we distil, we cask, we mature, we blend and we bottle. And we do all of this in one place, right here at Ireland’s first farm distillery.

This makes Echlinville – The Beginning truly unique among Irish whiskeys.


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Echlinville The Beginning Whiskey bottles, box and glasses on cask

Single Estate Whiskey

Created from a vatting of carefully selected seven to nine year old spirit distilled from barley grown, harvested and malted on our distillery farm

The Whiskeys

Echlinville Single Malt Irish Whiskey

7 Years Old
Double Distilled
Bourbon Cask & Virgin American Oak Cask

Full bodied and bold, our first release speaks of our distillate and its origin.

Soft orchard fruits, fresh citrus, herbal notes and wild meadow honey, then citrus fruits, peach, blood orange and red berry, latte coffee, chocolate, and salted almonds, giving way to a finish of cedar, clove, tobacco, ginger and cinnamon spice.

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The Whiskeys

Echlinville Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey

7 years old
Double Distilled
Bourbon Cask

With classic Pot Still body and spice, our first release showcases our distillery character.

Sweet vanilla cream soda, fresh kiwi and papaya fruits, and fragrant pine notes with menthol, leading to toasted almonds, ginger and warming white pepper spice, perfectly balanced and enveloped in luxurious mouth coating pot still creaminess.


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The Beginning

Provenance Ingrained

Echlinville – The Beginning has provenance, character and flavour that can be found nowhere else.

Our whiskey speaks of the land from which it originates and the people who have brought it to life. Its roots are here in the Ards Peninsula. This is a unique place with unique people and unique spirit, and that is at the very heart of our Single Malt and Single Pot Still whiskeys.

Echlinville – The Beginning reflects all that is great about the place we call home. The unique topography, fertile soil, temperate micro climate and saline air, all of which combine to make this one of the finest barley growing regions in Ireland. Indeed, our distillery is located on Gransha Road. Gransha comes from the old Irish gráinseach, meaning ‘granary’ or grain house.

Our vision is to create a whiskey with a true sense of place. To weave together again the ties to the land that have been undone by the passage of time and the proliferation of industry. A whiskey with provenance ingrained from ground to glass and excellence instilled in every drop.


Our Story

The Beginning

Excellence Instilled

Curating an exceptional whiskey takes time.

It’s not just about the time the spirit spends in wood, but also the time taken to distil.

We slow down the stills, maximising the spirit’s contact with the copper and achieving a spirit as complex as it is delicate.

Our single estate Irish whiskey is aged and matured in the finest Bourbon and Virgin American Oak casks. Each cask rests gently in our dunnage warehouse, the complex interactions between spirit and wood encourage by the traditional earthen floor, our mild climate and fresh sea air.

In Echlinville – The Beginning we have rediscovered and reconnected the farm, the floor malting, the distilling and the dunnage. And now, our spirit is awakened.


The Beginning

From growing and harvesting the barley, to mashing and fermenting the grains, to distilling, maturing and bottling the spirit, we are in control of every step of our whiskey's journey, from field to glass.

Echlinville Distillery barley field and Echlinville Manor House

Experience Excellence

Visit our distillery

Visit The Echlinville Distillery and enjoy a unique insight into the workings of Ireland’s first farm distillery.

Discover the field to glass journey of our spirits. Hear about our commitment to provenance and how we sow, grow, harvest and floor malt all our own barley on our distillery farm.

View our beautiful copper stills and enjoy the earthy aromas of our whiskey maturation warehouse – but be careful not to disturb our sleeping casks. And after you have discovered how we capture the flavour, colour and mouthfeel of our spirits, relax and enjoy two drinks of your choice in our bar. Whiskey, gin or poitín – the choice is yours.

Then visit our distillery shop and enjoy a stroll through the historic Echlinville Estate along our new visitor walkways.

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