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Bán Poitín

ABV: 48%   |   70cl

Emerging from the underground after a ban of over 300 years, Poitín is reclaiming its place as Ireland’s most notorious spirit. Made secretly and sold unofficially, this illicit spirit was outlawed in 1661. Distilled using locally sourced raw ingredients Bán Poitín is a heady mix of potato, malted barley and molasses – a full flavoured statement of origin. A poitín drink for the 21st Century.


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Irish Whiskey Awards 2015 Gold Medal for Ban Poitin Irish Whiskey Awards Poitin Gold Medal 2016 Best Irish Poitin 2017 Award Medal Best Irish Poitin award logo Irish Whiskey Awards 2018 Irish Whiskey Awards Best Poitin Gold Medal 2019

“Inspired by flavours and techniques of the people before us, Bán dares to be different. We embrace the old and the new by bringing a modern twist to Irish poitín.”

Dave Mulligan, founder of Bán Poitín and owner of Bar 1661, Dublin.

Tasting Notes


Sour cream, cinnamon toast and plasticine to start, with rich bready notes underneath – freshly sliced white bloomer and heavy German rye. The yeasty, bready notes grow, accompanied by black-pepper spice and sweet lemon cream.


Oily in texture and laden with sweet spice off the bat – cinnamon toast, clove and mace. Creaminess builds, with sweet milk chocolate and milky coffee balanced by underlying barrel-char and coffee-ground bitterness.


Creamy and clean, fading quickly to leave a hint of lemon Fondant Fancy.


Drink it like you would your whiskey or try our signature cocktail, The Belfast Coffee.

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